The Soil Association released their Organic Market Report 2009 recently and it said that last year organic product sales increased overall by 1.7%. Given the turbulance of the economy that's good news for the organic industry because more of us are buying organic... right? Or is it simply that some of us are buying more and widening our organic purchasing scope.

The organic crusading charity also conducted an opinion poll and found that 48% of us are buying 10% or less organic goods. Thankfully, 25% of those consumers not currently buying organic food expressed they would like to know more about the benefits of organic. The Soil Association are intensifying their efforts to highlight these benefits by organising activities like visiting Greenwich Market (see blog on our Grow an Organic Pumpkin event) to talk to people direct - preaching to the non-converted so to speak.

New research is consistently appearing in the media about why organic is the answer to so many of our global problems. We're all on a continual learning curve. We have to be if we truly wish to engage in the all-important issues of climate change and diminishing non-renewable resources.