It seems to be most of us are sticking to our organic-ite values by continuing to buy organic food. This, despite the global economic turmoil we're confronted with almost on a daily basis from newspapers, TV and workplace cutbacks.

In the US there has been up to 30% growth rates, with the country accounting for 45% of the global total $23 billion organic food and beverage sales in 2007, according to market research company Euromonitor International. Though growth slowed at the end of last year the industry is still going strong as the Italian market illustrates. According to a Bio Bank (research specialists for the organic industry) report Italian organic farms have increased sales by 47% in the three year period leading to 2008.

This is only an indicator of the organic produce we're consuming. The number of people using and seeking allotments to grow vegetables has become hugely popular. With 330,000 allotments available in the UK, more than 100,000 people are on waiting lists with countless others hoping councils will reopen their lists to at least give them an opportunity to secure one.

If you don't have the garden or the space to start your own garden how about a smaller version - say a window box or an indoor pot? It's easy and will save you a little money in the long run... oh and you can go organic all the way! Try Rocket Gardens for the easy easy option to organic grow-your-owns.