We weren't given opposable thumbs for nothing! We use our hands for almost every daily task - from applying our make up to writing an email and scrubbing the bath tub - how fortunate we are to have them! But how many of us truly show them the loving tender care they deserve after a busy day of doing everything?

Given the hands are so useful they deserve a little looking after we think. Here are a few care tips for looking after your hard working handy hands:

1. Clip and shape regularly to keep your nails strong and prevent them from snagging or ripping. When filing make sure you do so in one direction rather than a back and forth motion. This will keep the ends even smoother and stronger.

2. Gently push back cuticles using the rounded end of a nail file and a good cuticle hand cream like Badger Balm's Cuticle Care. Take care however as the skin around the fingernails is very delicate and does well to protect the nail from infection. Gentle is the way with this one.

3. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub like the Sensuous Sugar Scrub by Green People for extra silky hands in preparation of a deeply nourishing moisturise.

4. Massage with a specially formulated hand moisturiser as often as you can - every chance you get if you want to keep the skin on your hands from ageing prematurely. Because organic beauty product manufacturers know how weary our hands get they've done well by them to create some truly restorative hand creams. Intensive Hand Cream by Lavera, Safety Gloves Barrier Hand Cream by Barefoot Botanicals and Satin Gloves Anti-Aging Hand & Nail Cream by Rosa Fina are some of the best that provide delicate care for elegant hands.

My mum always said you can tell a woman's age by the condition of her hands and in this day of botox and make up tricks it's harder than ever to guess a woman's age by her face wrinkles alone. Make it even harder for the guesses and look after those hands ladies - they deserve it!