There's no denying that Mother's Day is the one celebratory day we should all make a fuss about. Mums deserve a day of pampering and fussing over, having their breakfast (in bed) made for them, someone else tidying the house, making dinner and generally taking over all the (for the most part) thankless tasks that need doing to ensure the family has a loving home to come back to at the end of a long day.

Mums seem to be good at most things. When you're seven you think they know the answer to everything - maths questions, missing toys, how to fix a pair of holey jeans (mind you mum never did have a good answer for where the universe ended, or didn't end, or how it could be one and not the other... I'm still struggling with that one). They do it all for love which is why, on the one day that we are reminded to show our appreciation and love back, we must do it well and whole-heartedly.

The perfect day for my mum would be to let her sleep in for as long as she wishes. Organic cotton sheets and duvet would make for a comfy present. Not a big breakfast eater, she'd probably like a glass of free OJ and a cup of hot (fairtrade, organic) coffee sitting in bed in her new spa bathrobe. Then I'd make her a hot bath and pour a dash of her favourite scented oil in there (Lavera's Body Spa Bath Oils are delish).

Whilst she's relaxing in a steamy tub I'd make her a hand made card and wrap her gift box of organic beautifying goodies so she can slather herself with nourishing body creams and natural make up afterward. I'm pretty sure she'll feel suitably pampered and ready for our outing to her favourite museum/park/café.