Most conventional shaving creams and after shave balms contain any number of carcinogenic and irritating chemicals - propylene glycol and paraben preservatives, mineral oils, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), synthetic dyes and fragrances to name but a few. Though it appears many men don't care so much about ageing or dry skin, when they find out the damage they're really doing with products that contain these ingredients their honest reaction may be somewhat less cavalier.

One myth in the shaving world is that harsh ingredients like alcohol and menthol produce a better shave because they irritate and swell the skin enough to raise hair follicles up for a closer shave. But the razor isn't able to glide a smoothly over the skin and doesn't actually reach the base of the hair follicle. The smooth skin look after shaving is actually swollen skin; as soon as the swelling recedes the stubble will show. Inflaming the skin like this can also trap hairs so that when they regrow they cause painful ingrown hairs.

Another myth is that the cooling tingling sensation felt after applying after shave is actually good for the skin. It is not. The scraped skin is being irritated and burned with the harsh ingredients like synthetic fragrances and propylene glycol.

Choose a natural shaving product that contains soothing aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, calendula, hyaluronic acid, plant glycerine and/or rosemary. Avoid all of the nasties mentioned above which can irritate the skin immediately after a fresh shave.

A safe, natural shaving product should not burn, irritate or tingle the skin. Weleda, Neal's Yard, Lavera, Simply Soaps, Barefoot Botanicals and Green People are some of the brands that make great organic shaving products. For example Weleda Shaving Cream contains sweet almond milk and organic goat's milk and produces a creamy lather.

Green People have a Close Organic Shave Gift Set that includes a Pre-Shave Face Wash, a Shave Now Shaving Gel and a Cool-Down Moisturiser - ideal for converting hubby to the organic life.