After the criticism that Organic Food has had in the press over the last 12 months, it is finally good to see a national newspaper come out with the truth...that organic fruit is both tastier and better for your health!

In the Daily Mail today, they quote that the most detailed research study of its kind has found that organic strawberries contain higher levels of anti-cancer nutrients than fruit sprayed with chemical pesticides. Naturally-produced strawberries also have a longer shelf life and a richer, more fruity flavour, according to the researchers. These findings add to a growing body of evidence that organic food is healthier than conventional fruit and vegetables. At So Organic, we know this already!

Here is what the Daily Mail said:

‘Dr John Reganold, who led the study at Washington State University in the U.S., said: 'We show that you can have high quality, healthy produce, without resorting to an arsenal of pesticides.'  Researchers analysed the taste, nutrition and quality of three strawberry varieties growing on 13 organic and 13 conventional farms in California, as well as 31 chemical and biological properties of the soil where they were grown. The organic fruit had ' significantly higher' levels of antioxidants - nutrients that mop up potentially dangerous and cancer-causing 'free radicals' in the body. They also last longer and have 'more strawberry in the strawberry', Dr Reganold reports in the journal PLoS One, published by the Public Library of Science. In blind taste tests, volunteers said they found organic strawberries sweeter and more flavoursome. And when they saw the fruit, they judged the strawberries from the organic farms to have a better colour. ‘

To all those people that criticise our belief that organic products are better for you, they better watch is back!