Long standing favourites for their natural toiletries with yummy scents, Organic Surge have gone premium with the launch of their luxurious Extra Care range.

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The formulations are a delight to use with fine textured oils and silky serums that feel like they should cost a whole lot more. The entire range is suitable for sensitive skin but caters to all other skin types too with an Ultra Light oil control lotion for combination and oily types, and a feather light Facial Oil that dry skin will adore.

Here are our recommendations for how to incorporate the range into your day and night time routines and really give your skin care an Extra Care boost.


1)      Cleanse – Even if you cleansed before you went to bed, skin secretes toxins overnight so a morning cleanse will help to remove these. Take your cleanser into the shower if you’re short on time.

2)      Serum- Use in place of a traditional toner to leave skin soft and velvety. Extra Care Serum restores radiance and relaxes skin to give a visible improvement in lines and wrinkles.

3)      Facial Oil or Oil Control Lotion – to help bring the skin into balance adding extra moisture to dry skin and counteracting oil in greasier skin types. Oil control lotion gives a perfect matte base for make up too.

4)      Eye Cream – To protect the areas prone to first wrinkles.

5)      Moisturise – The final step to ensure skin has the moisture and hydration it needs and provide a good base for makeup.


1)      Cleanse – the night-time cleanse is crucial, removing all traces of makeup and pollutants allows skin to breathe and prepares it to receive extra moisture.

2)       Serum – Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid provide skin with intense hydration which helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines as skin feels plumped and firmed.

3)      Eye cream – Pat on gently with your ring finger to minimise drag

4)      Night cream – Take advantage of being able to use a rich cream without your make up sliding off. Extra Care night cream is rich but not heavy. Enriched with Argan oil renowned for its anti ageing properties.

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