VeganVegan: suitable for Vegans. The rest of our products are all suitable for vegetarians unless otherwise specified.


Organic IngredientsOrganic Ingredients: This product is made with organic ingredients but not certified.


BDIHBDIH: This product is certified by the respected German Association BDIH as a ‘certified natural cosmetic'. Strict criteria must be adhered to in the production of a certified natural cosmetic, including no animal testing, plant based ingredients should be organic or wild where possible, no synthetic fragrance or petroleum based oils. Please ask us for a leaflet if you would like further details.

Eko GarantieEko Garantie: Ecogarantie is a certification mark for environmentally friendly products. Originally developed in Belgium it is now a respected standard in Europe when it comes to assessing the ecological impact of cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products.


    Handmade: This product is handmade


Fair TradeFaire Trade: This product is Fair Trade