Riding my bike from Greenwich to the West End this morning a flash of insight appeared. My route takes me along some of the heavier main roads of London but thankfully mid-journey there is a small reprieve from the heavy exhaust fumes and bullying noise of the tarmac - it’s a two-minute park ride, abundant with lush country-esque foliage.

Riding the shady, sun streaked path it occurred to me that when it comes to eco concerns i.e. the wellbeing of our planet, many of us don’t segregate the media hype and scientific research from that which surrounds us in our everyday life. More than ever the corporate marketing gurus, spiritual preachers and local governments are doing their best to help us find a greener thumb by informing us of the effects our actions have on the finite resources of the earth.

Whilst the affects of our buying choices on global warming are a concern, it’s vital every now and then to remember why we really want to save the earth from environmental ruin. It gives us so much of itself. It revives us with green calm and clean air on a daily basis.

By appreciating the natural things in life, say by taking a step back to admire a tree or two on the way to work, we remind ourselves of our impact on the environment - be it the Guatemalan rainforests or our own backyards - within our every day activities.