A distant relation of the apple and pear, the golden yellow quince is a fascinating fruit that has been eaten by fabled greats like goddesses Aphrodite and Atlanta. It was written in ancient Greek texts that Greek brides would nibble a little of this quaint fruit to sweeten her kiss so that her first encounter with her groom would not be ‘disagreeable or unpleasant'.

An excellent source of Vitamin C quince cannot be eaten raw for it is too bitter. When cooked however it is becomes a deliciously sweet and aromatic flavour. From exotic Moroccan dishes to a buttery apple pie or tarty marmalade the quince is a versatile ingredient to add a quirky lift to almost any dish. However it has been said that ‘it is the only fruit that can be cooked simply and still result in a mouthful as complex as a great wine', so it is best to find a good, simple recipe for it. Quince is also use to make membrillo or quince paste which is a wonderful accompaniment to cheese.

From a health perspective, research has shown that quince is rich in potassium, dietary fibre and anti-viral properties. When regularly consumed it aids digestion and lowers cholesterol.

It is also a rich source of antioxidants, which help the body to fight free radicals thus lowering the risk of cancer. The high antioxidant content (and gorgeous sweet aroma) is why this golden fruit is found in some organic beauty products. The Dr.Hauschka Quince Day Cream for example protects the skin and acts as a kind of anti-stress layer against environmental pollutants your face is bombarded with daily. Their Quince Body Moisturiser is lovely to apply too.