Kids In KitchenTowards the back end of the school holidays kids tend to get a bit itchy for new things to do. Getting them involved in the kitchen during mealtime can be a little testing so why not put them on snack duty. It will keep them busy (and fed), for a few milli-moments at the very least. Healthy, tasty, easy snacks are what it's all about. Homemade organic houmous is rich in fibre and protein. Guacamole is also an easy one and the avocadoes are a great source of Vitamin E. The kids can toast bread and break it up into chunks to dip or, with a bit of help for the younger ones, slice up red peppers, carrots and cucumber into colourful soldiers.

Wraps are always fun and easy to make. Giving kids the freedom to add whatever they want stimulates their creative minds - so long as it's edible of course and you have a fridge stocked with fresh veg rather than processed foods.

It's up to us to encourage children and involve them in the kitchen from a young age to establish healthy food habits and attitudes later in life. If you are an enthusiastic cook you're less likely to opt for the takeaway Chinese and instead whip up a quick stir fry... in theory at least.