Waking with dark circles under the eyes and puffy pink skin is not the ideal way to start the day in cheery shape. But that can be turned around easy enough with a few quick tricks and a couple of handy beauty products. Over the next week we'll look at five? how you can comfort your bad face day - the organic way.

Quick tips for a bad face day 1 - Dark Circles
Lack of sleep, illness or plain old genetics can at times make dark circles under the eye unavoidable. When you wake start with the ol cucumber-on-the-eye trick. An instant refresher, cucumbers cool and rejuvenate puffy eyes. This might make you feel a little more wide eyed and awake but it hasn't yet done much for those scarry looking caves sitting either side of your nosal. What you need is a good concealer that is lightweight and is a quality texture as the skin around the eye is too delicate to use the same concealer you use to cover spots and blemishes on the rest of your face.

A peachy or pink toned concealer is best as it counteracts the blue tinge of your dark circles. Dot the concealer along the dark line area only and blend in.

Using it liberally only where needed has a far greater effect than applying it all over. An excellent under eye, dark circle concealer to try is the organic pastel concealer number 1 by Lavera Trend Sensitive. Dr.Hauschka also have three good vegan concealers you may wish to try.