A little naturally occurring rose in the cheeks is healthy looking but when your entire complexion is fighting off the tulips it's time to red-down. Inflammed redness n the skin after a sleepless or boozy night is common so it's handy to have a few tricks in the pocket on those mornings you wake up looking more sunburnt than sunkissed.

First apply a serum that is specifically designed to calm sensitive skin (the Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Serum is excellent for this). If used daily this will help to reduce redness over a long period of time. Also excellent is the now famous Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream which really helps to tone down redness too.

To instantly reduce an overly rosie complexion use a colour calming make up base. One than is designed to neutralize redness is ideal. Inika's organic Pure Primer is very good. Ingredients like aloe vera, rose hip oil, and evening primrose oil calm and hydrate the skin in preparation for a foundation.

Follow this with a foundation that has a yellow base rather than red base. Blend well using a sponge or pad to avoid patchy areas to an already blotchy pink skin. If you're not keen on using a full on cream foundation but still want to reduce redness perhaps a tinted moisturiser or the lighter mineral foundation would be more suitable.