Real Nappies for London is an incentive scheme involving a number of London boroughs that helps parents choose and try cloth nappies. Simply by registering on the Real Nappies website parents and parents-to-be can receive an information pack and invitations to events like Nappy Natters and Nappuccinos.

Each borough involved in the scheme donates a certain number of vouchers to give to parents involved. The voucher can be exchanged for reusable nappies and accessories (wraps, liners, booster pads, nappy inserts or nappy grips) at participating retailers (So Organic's one of them!). Alternatively, it can be used to trial a nappy laundry service. Either/or it's a fantastic opportunity to ease parents into the world of ‘real' (washable) nappies.

The Real Nappies For London website has plenty of informative resources for parents and answers all the common queries associated with washable nappies like ‘don't they take up a lot of time?' and ‘is my baby more likely to get nappy rash?'.

The environmental cost of using disposable nappies (especially non-eco friendly kind) is significant, as our past blogs have highlighted, which is why we are such huge supporters of Real Nappies for London. So Organic stock a number of washable nappy products, including those made from organic and natural materials.