Hair removal. Most ladies remove hair on at least one part of their body and more men than ever are ridding themselves of it (Back, Cr... you know the rest). Being hairless on some parts of your body can feel quite luxurious, depending on the method you use to remove the hair, that is.When it comes to removing hair the organic way you have a couple of options.

The first and quickest is to shave. Using an organic soap or shaving cream to lather on the skin pre shave and an organic body moisturiser post shave, will mean you will not expose open pores or razor cuts to chemicals found in unnatural products. However, if you're like me you get a little frustrated at the coarser stubble that grows back so quickly or you become lazy (especially in the winter) and end up with old growth forests scattered across your body (if only body hair absorbed CO2!).

There's always laser hair removal and electrolysis but both of these can be painful and very expensive. I prefer to use an organic hot wax. I decided to do it myself after my first and last visit to a London beauty salon. I walked out quite shocked - not because of any unbearable hair ripping pain, but because the cost of a simple bikini wax was not too far off a one way train trip to Paris (the French do have a great alternative to hair removal - not bothering at all!).

I use Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender for extra sensitive skin - not because I have particularly sensitive skin, I just love how soft it leaves my skin. This all-natural organic product contains sugar, water, chamomile, lavender and lemon juice only - that's no chemicals, perfumes or artificial substances. This combination of natural ingredients does a lot more than remove hair. The chamomile and lemon in particular act as a natural antiseptic and skin enhancer.

Moom waxing draws on both traditional hot wax techniques and the ancient hair removal concept of sugaring. It's water soluble so washes off the skin and cotton strips easily, plus it isn't unbearably sticky (a big gripe of mine). Ten seconds in the microwave is enough to warm Moom as it's not like conventional hot wax and shouldn't be heated too hot.