Now if you're the kind of person who, at the suggestion of tonight's meal out as a raw food eatery, raises a couple of suspicious eyes then I've got a challenge for you. I'm almost a vegan, but not; almost a raw foodie, but not. My body needs a good old fry up every now and then and my taste buds say I should follow that lead. So when I say Saf, a raw food restaurant, is delectably scrumptious, and kind of curious, it's not because I'm devoted to a raw food diet and can't find anything better in town to suit my raw needs.

Saf is the place you go when you want to stare at your food for a second, first to figure out what it is you're eating (though the waiters do a brilliant job of explaining each person's individual dish as it comes out), and second to appreciate the gorgeous creation that it is.

The Saf Chef's (try saying that one ten times over!) have created a ‘plant-based botanical menu' where almost all of the dishes are cooked below 48°C to preserve optimum nutrition and flavour.

I had the Saf Bowl which included teriyaki glazed smoked tofu (THE best I've had) organic brown and mixed seeds rice cake (absolutely tastier than it sounds), wok fried pokchoy, lotus root kimpura kimchee (a very interesting one indeed, wouldn't eat it alone but balanced out the other flavours surprisingly scrumptiously), seasonal chutney (apple mine was and it was another surprising and tasty accompaniment in the mix).

The Saf Bowl was £12.95 but prices for mains range from £11.50-14.50. Starters from £6-17 and sides from £3.75-7.50.

Beyond the food you will find organic fair trade coffees, fresh juices, gorgeous cocktails (they are sublime and change regularly so are always quite unique) and a new gourmet beer. Saf have newly opened a new organic wine shop with quite the fine selection of wines to choose from. They have also just opened on Sundays for apparently London's best Vegan Roast but if you're keen to try this not so traditional Sunday roast you better get there early as tables go quick and they only serve it from 11:30-15:30pm.

Saf's opening hours are:
Lunch - 11:30pm till 3:30pm
Dinner - 6:00pm till 10:30pm
Bar food & drinks - 11:00am till late

152-154 Curtain Road

To make a booking call 0207 613 0007 (Book the Chefs Table if you want an up close and personal with the raw and organic delights you're about to be fed. Chefs table includes 7 courses for £50 and optional £25 Organic Wine pairing. You also need a minimum of 6 people to book the table but if you can, it's a real treat!)

For more information about this superbly delicious raw food dine visit