If you haven't heard yet there's a very important meeting happening in Copenhagen in December which will essentially (or rather hopefully) decide what we're (the people of planet Earth) are going to do about slowing climate change before (at the risk of sounding dramatic for the scientific truth of it) it's too late.

The hope for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (to be held from December 7-18th) is that the world's leaders from 192 countries will ‘establish an ambitious global climate agreement for the period from 2012'. They must do this whilst fending off pressure from the fuel industry, which is a very real threat to how our governments handle the negotiations. It's been reported that some negotiators are getting nervous that the talks will not go anywhere because of this.

But it's not just the oil tycoons that can exert pressure. We can too by supporting campaigns like this one. The folk from Free Range Studios have created this short sketch to highlight the best of the 350.org (see blog) movement. International Day of Climate Action is on 24 October, just six weeks before the Copenhagen talks so it's the perfect opportunity to push the voice of the people forward.

Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros have contributed their inspirational music for the sound track to motivate us all to get out there and illustrate to the powers that be that we want action from them too.

"Together we will solve the climate crisis and transform our world."