'I buy lamb from my local farmers' market because it has such a strong and delicious natural flavour that I never need to add much else to it.'

‘I stopped buying soya based products because I heard how bad soya crops are for the land.'

‘I'd rather buy one expensive item of clothing from my favourite boutique than ten cheap tops from a high street chain.'

‘I refuse to eat out of season organic apples that have travelled half way around the world just so I can make apple pie in spring.'

If it is a choice between buying produce that is local or organic, both or neither, which do you choose and why? Is it a matter of health, saving money, supporting your community, personal ethics, concern for the environment, quality or flavour? Does it depend on the product or foodstuff you are purchasing?

What are your shopping values?

Send us your comments - we'd love to hear the motivations behind your purchasing decisions.