Another green-minded blogger who wrote to us recently loved our Greenwich store so much she wanted to write a blog about it. Interested about the design and layout of the shop Miss B asked whether it was created with a bit of Feng Shui magic in mind. Having not yet arrived at So Organic when their first store opened I didn't know. To my delighted surprise Sam had in fact had a Feng Shui evaluation done by a consultant from the Feng Shui Society prior to designing the interior.

The consultant said that there are three powerful energy sources feeding our front door and that ‘the property alignment according to the Chinese compass, provides a general background characteristic of well being, which fits well with the nature of the So Organic business.

The Feng Shui philosophy involves finding a balance between the two opposing qualities of yin and yang. Words that help describe yang energy include bright, active, male, giving, big, up, heaven, fast and clear. Words that help describe yin energy are shady, still, female, receiving, small, down, earth, slow and cluttered. If, for example a garden becomes overgrown, the yin energy predominates and energetic movement can slow down. You have to redress this by increasing yang (working/moving to clear up the space) to create balance.

The recommendations in the consultants report were fairly comprehensive in terms of yin and yang balance of the space and how we could take full advantage of it.

And did we follow their recommendations? As they say in my homeland - too right mate! So next time you're visiting the maritime centre of London poke your head in for a look at So Organic's Feng Shui friendly space!