Imagine if, as a newborn taking your first breath into the world, you had to ability to choose where you arrived - in a hospital bedroom or a spa? I dare say most of us would like to awake in the more tranquil space of the spa. The idea behind the Egg project is to create such a harmonious place.

The Egg project is basically a network of birthing places, each within a half hour of an Egg medical facility. There is a spa with pool for relaxation, exercise and treatments including yoga; birthing rooms with birthing pools, colour adaptable lighting, music and soundproof walls; social area with group discussion with midwives and a food bar that uses fresh produce from the Egg gardens; and the Egg Cradle, an eco effective designed play area where all materials used are non toxic.

Surrounded by the nature the Eggs will use environmental forces, like wind energy, to power facilities. It will also collect, purify and recycle water where possible. All bed sheets, nappies, blankets etc will be made from natural fibres.

Officially Formed in May 2008, The Egg may be very new but the directors who founded the company have been formulating the innovative concept behind the project. Based in Palma de Mallorca the Egg Project promises to lead the way in natural childbirth in Europe. The book, Life Begins Here, has been written (due out next year) which highlight the enormous amount of research that was undertaken to create the perfect environment for the last changes of pregnancy. The founders, as do more in the child related professions, believe birth time can have a significant influence on how children go on to lead their lives. It could be the difference between a healthy and constructive child vs a child with any one of the social diseases (diabetes, obesity, anxieties) afflicting more of us than ever today.

Why the Eggy name? In their words: ‘the egg form is life-oriented: it is strong... it has the highest advantage in construction static. Nature has given us the perfect shape to contain, protect and maintain life.'

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