Botox, chemical peels, laser therapies. The choice of chemicalized beautification methods used to keep away the crow's feet and droopy eye bags is becoming more of the norm than ever as women of all ages rush out for the quick fix youthful skin. You can look like an ageless goddess at 20, 30, even 50 these days but it does take somewhat of an all-angles-covered approach. Madonna, for example has a strict fitness regime, she practices meditation, follows a macrobiotic diet and has a little Botox on the side.

Chemicals are an unavoidable atmospheric nuisance in the modern day of globalised everything - you could be in Timbuktu or on Everest's piste and still be exposed to some atom of chemical air pollution. So is it a question of balance? Avoid chemicals in your food by buying brands and growing fresh produce that is organic; beautify with all-natural cosmetics; no alcohol, plenty of pilates; no smoking, plenty of yoga. And the balance? A run in the morning traffic, a jab in the cheek with a little Restylane to smooth out those wrinkles perhaps?

I guess it's a question of how long you want to hold on to your youthful looks. There's no right or wrong here. We age as gracefully as we choose to feel on the inside. If we feel old, we're more likely to carry ourselves that way, regardless of what we spend at a skin clinic. If we feel happy within our bodies, healthy in our bones, it will show on the outside - if not with perfect skin, a loving and energetic glow.