I read a brochure on kitchen cleaning cloths recently. You'd expect literature of this kind to not be the most exciting thing in the world to read - full of marketing sales speak and un-fascinating tipples but this brochure caught my two green eyes.

It was all about the E-Cloth. No, not some kind of virtual world computer clean-up virus software but a simple little product that describes its job as ‘perfect cleaning with just water'.

Why so good? No chemicals required, cleaning performance and eco friendly credentials are exceptional. Each E Cloth is made from 2 million metres of fibre, which is 1000 times finer than cotton and split into 16 strands for optimum cleaning and polishing performance. The cloths basically use a capillary action to actively pull in and absorb grease and bacteria simply with the help of a little water. They absorb 5 times the liquid than cotton cloths and better still they could save you up to £100 a year from not having to buy household chemical cleaning products. Oh and E-Cloth is endorsed by Allergy UK so it's safer for the environment and your families sensitivities.

On top of the general purpose cloths you can also get E-Cloth mop heads, glass and polishing cloths, washing up pads, general purpose mitts, dusters, shower cloths and furniture cloths.