People from the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland partaking in the Fife Diet have been awarded £140,000 from the Scottish Government from the Climate Change Fund due to the creative and proactive force promoting local and sustainable farming.

What started out as a diet used by a half dozen people has esculated to over 600 people participating in a more eco friendly way of living. The Fife Diet aims to cut air miles and CO2 emissions from other modes of transport like shipping and long haul trucking.

The Fife Dieters will use the award money to encourage more Fifers to participate despite the budget restraints amidst the credit crunch. They will look at bulk buying options ie buying and sharing a field of oats as well as possibly introducing a loyalty card scheme for a local vege box scheme to make it more affordable for Fife dieters.

It's great to hear small communities out there creating environmentally friendly change themselves. To be rewarded for their efforts is the icing on the apple cake and encouraging for the rest of us don't you think?