Ever fancied cycling from London to Paris? I don't suppose many of you have even thought about it unless you're a crazy cycling enthusiast like my partner who rode the length of Spain last year. Well, the Great Fashion Cycle may be his (and yours) chance to cycle the English/French countryside, burn a few organic sweets calories and raise money for the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF).

The EJF have set up this event in aid of their work addressing human rights and environmental abuses in the fashion industry. One EJF success stories has been bringing the issue of child exploitation in the cotton industry in Uzbekistan which is the world's 3rd largest exporter of cotton. A third of the population are forced to work in slave-like conditions for the state run cotton industry - that included children who's schools would shut down during harvest time so that they could work the fields. EJF has put the spotlight on this issue which has lead to dramatic changes in buying policies by the world's largest cotton buyers.

Before you shake the spider webs off your old bike here's a few more details. It's a 300-mile ride over 4 days. That's quite a hike if you're not use to riding so best start training now! The best bits of the journey include cycling the British countryside, crossing the channel by ferry on your bike, peddling through the small villages and medieval market towns of Northern France, finishing at the Eiffel Tower.

Registration costs £99 and you have to raise a minimum of £1250. What's included in this is the travel by ferry to France and a return ticket on the Eurostar, accommodation for 4 nights, all meals, bike mechanics, guides and medical support. If you're interested there's two dates to choose from - the 1-5 July or the 9-13 September 2009. To register visit EJF The Great Fashion Cycle.