Great hair does wonders for your appearance but does green hair? We're not talking colour, but rather the environmental credentials of your hairstyle. And yes it can do amazing wonders for your appearance - you'll be contributing to the eco movement so will smile more and, if you choose the right products you're hair will look healthier than ever.

So, how do you give yourself a new look green hairstyle?

Cut it short. Short hair uses less shampoo, conditioner and styling product (arguably that depends on how you like to style your hair). If you like it long wear it long; you'll have less split ends by not using a hair ties so will need less product and less hair cuts (saves on travel) to restore it.

Reuse it. Apparently human hair makes for excellent fertilizer. You could also donate it to Locks of Love who make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness.

Use organic hair products. They contain no nasty chemicals, and ingredients are grown without the help of harsh pesticides so keep our land clean. They keep your hair divinely healthy, especially hair care ranges like John Masters, Green People and Lavera.

Choose the green hair salon. Green Hair in Shoreditch, the Aveda concept salon Wahanda in Mayfair and Jigami, the organic hair salon in Soho are a few of London's greenest hairdresses. If you love your hairdresser and can't bear to leave suggest some green options - most businesses are open to the idea of going green and if they haven't clocked on to the fact that eco is a selling point you could be just the person to help them achieve a competitive edge!

Failing that why not do what Sam does and take your own shampoo and conditioner with you to your hairdresser!