Now this is the kind of show every vegan should know about (or even just veggie fanatics like me!). The largest show of its kind in Europe, The Incredible Veggie Show will have more than 100 exhibitors showcasing a vast array of vegan products.

There will also be a cooking demo area, a talks area, a dairy free area, nutritional consultants, a vegan café, a kids play area and free product and hot food tastings. What we like about this year's show is that there are new sections dedicated to Beauty & Body care, Clothing & Footwear and Health & Lifestyle.

The Incredible Veggie Show is hosted by Viva! who are the Vegetarians International Voice for Animals. Viva are a bit like a support group for vegetarians who research veggie issues like how eating meat affects the degradation of the environment. They also provide wholesome recipes and give advice on how to go Vegetarian as well as campaign against cruelty to animals.

The third Incredible Veggie Show will be held on Saturday 18 April at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London SW1 from 10am to 6pm. Admission is £4 and free for those under 18. Also if you pre-book you save 25% on the ticket price (£1 off to spend on a nice plump melon). For more info visit the Viva website.

They're expecting 5,000 people across the course of the day so if you want to avoid the crowds get there early!