We all aspire to be eco friendly, all of the time but let's face it sometimes easiest beats greenest, especially when we're talking about juggling babies, work and social life (well, the occasional night out). When it comes to choosing between disposable and washable nappies for your baby it doesn't have to be guilt laden or time consuming.

Whilst we firmly believe that washable is best, there are disposables that are more environmentally viable and safe. The eco disposable nappy brands available use cotton and wood pulp for absorbancy, contain more biodegradable material than conventional brands and are not chlorine bleached.

The not so eco-friendly varieties available can contain plastic coatings, colour dyes, bleaching agents, perfumes, chlorine, latex, velcro and high amounts of absorbent gel. The super absorbent polymer gel (sodium polyacrylate) found in many disposable nappies can take up to 500 years for the earth to break down. This gel can also affect children with eczema or other skin sensitivities as it absorbs skin moisture, which can lead to more intense aggravation.

Eco Disposable nappies are either gel free or contain low levels of gel tucked deep inside the nappy, so the likelihood of skin irritation is minimal.

For a good eco disposable nappy take a look at what Moltex, Bambo Nature and Tushies, have to offer.