Today we interview Crystelle Marmet, Our So Organic France representative, and French Accounts and Marketing Assistant at So Organic.

How did you find yourself working with So Organic? What sparked your interest in the company?
There is a big opportunity in the organic, natural market. I want to be involved in it. It is a very friendly company and I'm very interested in organic products.

What are the most challenging questions you face from suppliers and/or customers in regards to SoOrganics ‘organic and natural' status?
Some people don't trust that products are truly organic. My friends question 'what is organic' and they say 'my soap is natural.' I have to explain this is not true, there are a lot of unnatural ingredients in their supposedly 'natural' soap. The more people learn about the difference, the easier our job will be.

What are the most commonly asked questions you get about your products?
Some people are wary of whether their products are efficient or not, whether it actually does work without the harsher ingredients. I say 'well the chemicals in the traditional products are not good for your skin. Yes the natural alternatives do work very well if not better - certainly, in the long term!'

What is your favourite product in the range and why?
The make-up... because I'm a girl. I love the colours. Usually I'm very cautious of using foundation every day but because I know it is natural I'm beginning to use it more. I'm afraid of the chemicals and the long term effect. I don't want to wake up at eighty years old and say ‘oh look at what I've done with my skin and my hair!' It is my mum, she always warned me if I use it all the time my skin will show it when I age.

What is your favourite organic brands not including your own?
GREEN & BLACKS! I love this brand. I love the packaging, I love the design, I love the chocolate!

What environmental issues are of most concern to you?
I'm very interested in all issues generally. My parents and I come from the countryside so it comes very naturally (to care for the environment). I'm also concerned about economical things like the companies that trade ethically, the eco-friendly companies.

If you had £1 million what would you do with it?
To be honest, I am young, I am 23. I'd get a flat and a dog. I'm very interested in business so I would invest in an eco friendly company because it is the future. I think I'd lose my money with an unethical, environmentally careless company.

What natural beauty issues are you most concerned with? Chemicals on the skin, I'm very careful about that. Marketing a brand that sells products that are very expensive and full of chemicals - all you pay for is the packaging.

Do your family and friends share these interests?
No. I come from France. It is not talked about. We don't talk about recycling because everybody already does it as it saves money. The vegetables we eat are from my Dad's vegetable garden and they just are organic - he does not use pesticides. We don't say 'oh this is for the environment, this is for the health' it just is. You don't need to think about it, it is just a way of living. Probably because I come from the country-side. It is perhaps not the same in the centre of Lille or Paris.

How do you envision the world in 30 years time from an environmental perspective?
I hope better. We know now that we have done a lot of mess. It is in my nature, I trust the future.