Our hands are useful wee tools. They can do allsorts of wonderful things - paint, feed, squeeze a thread through the minute hole at the end of a tiny needle - marvellous things our hands really. When most of us think of having facial massage we think of them taking place in a beauty salon or spa therapy room. But, what of the comfort of our own homes?

We have the power in our own hands to tone and rejuvenate our face - right there on our forearms doorstep! Massaging the face with gentle strokes and circular motions relaxes the mind but also hydrates the skin. It is best done before bed, to prepare the body for sleep where it moves into overdrive to restore itself. Applying a facial oil with ingredients like seaweed and rose hips, which are high in amino acids and antioxidants will nourish the skin. Starflower and evening primrose oils are also very good.

The effect even a five-minute self-treated facial massage has can be quite valuable. We all deserve a little pampering and there's no reason we can't have it every day. After all it's the love we treat ourselves with that seems to have the greatest effect.