Putting oil on your face can be an odd concept, let alone odd feeling when you apply it for the first time. Most organic moisturisers, cleansers and toners have oil bases anyway so applying an oil on its own shouldn't feel too foreign on the skin, especially once it has absorbed.

There's a big misconception out there that facial oils give you spots but this simply isn't true. Plant oils are actually closer to your skins molecular structure than complex lotions, particularly those that contain synthetic ingredients. The body produces it's own oil of course so it recognises the similar structure and can absorb it more effectively.

The other great thing about facial oils are they don't need preservatives because bacteria cannot breed in oil, only in water. Many with sensitive skin often try to avoid preservatives which is why the facial oil is a good candidate for moisturising their skin.

A few good organic ones are:
Rose and Vanilla Face Oil by Spiezia is quickly absorbed into the skin and makes a good protective base for your make-up or on it's own to guard you skin against wind and adverse weather condition. Certified by the Soil Association this is a pure oil containing only four ingredients: jojoba oil, rose essential oil, vanilla and wheatgerm oil.
Rejuvenating Facial Oil by Green People is also certified organic. Rich in Omega-3 & 6 and antioxidants this oil helps to reduce wrinkles and premature ageing. Key active ingredients: hemp seed oil, pomegranate oil, Vitamin E and myrrh oil.
Orange Flower Organic Facial Oil by Neal's Yard is, you guessed it, certified organic. The Green Beauty Bible say using this oil you notices the ‘extra smoothness and plumpness' on your skin as well as ‘less fine lines, more bounce and a feeling of ease' (we think that means more smooth and less tight!).