Raw fruit and veg are undoubtably good for you. The benefits of a diet high in raw food are plentiful - more energy, more balanced mental and emotional wellbeing and anti-aging affects from healthier internal organs and weight control. The basic principle of raw foodism involves not heating food above 44 degrees Celsius ensuring the preservation of essential nutrients and enzymes contained in the food.

A vegetarian Soho restaurant springs to mind that has formulated a menu on this principle in order to not deplete the nutrients and minerals in their food. Some may say ‘never mind the bacteria' but I'd say it's no different to ordering a salad and it tastes deeeeelicious. Besides we're not talking red meat or poultry here.

Another bonus to living by the raw food mantra is that most meals are quick and easy to prepare. There's not nearly as much fussing with pots and pans and you can pretty much guarantee they will be less scrubbing when it comes to dishes time.

The only downside, some may say, is variety. But when it comes to new creations and recipes there are resources out there that can help with this little dilemma. The Raw Food School undertakes courses including an Introduction to Raw Foods and the two day'a Raw Foods Transformation. The advice is practical and the recipe ideas are delectable - you don't think raw food, you think scrummy delights.

By eating only living foods you gain an abundance of vitality and if you can grow a lot of the fresh vegetables yourself you not only save on the squids your also living a more sustainable lifestyle.