"Ever bigger machines, entailing ever bigger concentrations of economic power and exerting ever greater violence against the environment, do not represent progress: they are a denial of wisdom. Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology towards the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and beautiful," said Ernst Friedrich Schumacher.

The Schumacher Circle is a group of organisations that exist in part due to the work and inspirations of E.F. Schumacher. Mr Schumacher was a man had a vision of social development that is sustainable and all encompassing of the earth and the living organisms that roam upon it. In 1973 the eco economist published his book Small is Beautiful which was ranked by the Times as one of the most influential books published since WWII.

The Schumacher Circle includes:

* Green Books who publish books on ecological, spiritual and cultural issues of our time including renewable energy, organic gardening and ecological building.

* Intermediate Technology, founded by Mr Schumacher, focuses on technology for the people and the environment and encourages responsible use by those in power.

* The New Economics Foundation carry out initiatives that include creating alternative solutions of sustainability that link ethics to economics, that work with local business and social investment.

* Resurgence Magazine brings to light some of the most challenging issues of our age covering areas of ecology, education, science, culture and spirituality.

* Schumacher College is an internationally renowned institution that teaches courses that explore problems facing our world from an ecological, economical, spiritual and humanistic point of view.

* The Schumacher Society involves a global network working on creating practical solutions using new economics, human-scale education, permaculture and organic cultivation, intermediate technology and green spirituality.

* Schumacher Book Service is a mail out service offering books on environmental and eco-spiritual subjects.

* The Soil Association works to provide safe, healthy food wordwide. They heavily promote organic sustainable farming, environmental conservation and animal welfare.

Why are we so interested in this circle? Organic living features heavily as a theme amongst these organisations. Their shared concern is ‘with developing ideas and approaches to the ecological, technological, social and spiritual predicament which is faced by the world's population.' As a member of the Soil Association, So Organic is contributing to this circle. We hope to expand their vision by working with our customers and suppliers to bring healthier and more eco-friendly products to all.