The Spiezia brand of organic skin care products lends itself to a simple philosophy and that is to be Made For Life. It's a good one too. It carries through to our bodies, a greener lifestyle and the quality of the products they make. "Beautiful skin is healthy skin" and we agree with so much evidence supporting the natural way over the chemical one.

Spiezia's complete line of beauty products is organic. Certified by the Soil Association the Spiezia products are created using processes that extract their essential oils and other ingredients from nature in a way that doesn't produce damaging chemical by-products, only organic matter that can be fed back into the land.

Not only is this organic brand concerned about what we put on the skin, our largest organ of our body, it also has the environment in mind in what they do. They use eco friendly labels on recycled glass bottles and jars that are made, by hand, in their workshop in Cornwall. They also work hard to source ingredients that are as local as possible.

They've won numerous awards for their products including the Lifescape Beauty Award for Best Facial Cleanser with their very popular Spiezia Cleanser and the Soil Association Organic Industry Award for Best Organic Beauty Product with their Lemongrass and Marigold Soap.

Growing organically from a small team in a little cottage in Cornwall Spiezia has truly blossomed into one of the leading health and beauty brands in the industry.