News just in from the Worldwatch Institute (the independent research organization for sustainable living) on the global organic agriculture industry. They say that there has been a 118% increase between 2000 and 2007 of organic agricultural land worldwide. 32.3 million hectares organics are taking up but that's still only about 1% of the total land being farmed in the world.

Wordwatch's Vital Signs 2009 report also says that the Asian organic food market is experiencing huge growth rates of 15%. China now has 2.8 million hectares of organically managed land whilst India has 1 million hectares.

We've already noticed with companies like Cadbury's buying Green & Blacks that supply chains are merging and Worldwatch confirm this adding that there is a growing trend for a highly processed organic foods.

A trend that is bound to bring further debate is that global sourcing rather than local in the organic industry is becoming prevalent - the quantity of organic products traded internationally is on the up. We'd love to hear what you have to say on this - send us you're comments and we'll share with other organic-ites.