Store Wars, an educational spoof take on Star Wars, is an organic treat from the creative eco-minds at Free Range Studios. It's a hilarious five-minute short-film about the adventures of Cuc Skywalker, Ham Solo, Chew Broccoli, Princess Lettuce, Obi One Canoli, Yogit and TofuD2. This group of organic vegetables join forces to combat the evil lord of the dark side of the farm, Darth Tata (now more chemical than vegetable) and his Empire of pollution and pesticides that are wiping out our organic birthright with unsustainable, shortsighted practices. Technological shortcuts and artificially lower prices are exposed as the organic rebellion fights to show people where their food is really coming from.

The message is clear - be mindful of your purchases and choose Organic.

Until next time organic-ites ... stretch out with your peelings and MAY THE FARM BE WITH YOU! (how could I resist!)