So you've switched to organic for all the right reasons.

The question is how do get rid of all the old products without continuing to hurt the environment?

Be it beauty, baby, homewares or cleaning there is the potential to do more harm than good by emptying old chemical-laden lotions down the sink or throwing polyester sheets in the dust bin.

There's one of three things you can do to tackle the task of ridding yourself of those old items that not longer fit on your organic shelf:

1. Recycle it.
Find the local waste management information source in your area and ask them if you items are toxic, recyclable or can be collected. Some agencies have an annual household hazardous collection day and some collect cosmetics.

2. Reuse it.
Give it to someone who wants it. Search the net for people looking for what you have. First, accept that not everyone is on the same eco wave as you. You could let them know why you're getting rid of it - you never know it may have an effect? They also might have an alternative purpose for your old lipsticks and bright eye shadows - a makeup painting perhaps?

3. Use it up.
If you've been wearing your favourite perfume for 20 years it might be a little hard to throw (or even give away) despite the amount synthetic chemical you've just realised you've been spraying on your neck every day. Keep it and use it on special occasions or nights out to dinner only. If you've exhausted all possibilities then throw it out. Old products are best sent to landfill rather than down the sink through and into our water system. But throw it away knowing you did the best you could and get on with being the organic-ite you want to be. It's inevitable we'll produce some waste and the best thing we can do to reduce our output is by decreasing our input. Something to be mindful of when you peruse that dainty little organic chocolate shop (well, you can't be virtuous allll the time!)