If you thought of the words natural, organic, eco as a colour you'd probably think of whites and creams, browns and soft greens or pinks, right? It's a natural (pardon the pun) association the mind is drawn to - stereotypes build their reputation through repetition after all. But in this eco savvy, climate change campaigning world things are changing. Designers are creating to appeal to wider tastes - bright pink eco kettles, funky organic tea boxes, and... bright bold eyeshadows.

For those who haven't discovered the world of organic make up may be a little surprised at the variety of colour available. Natural eyeshadows (as in the chemical-free variety) don't have to be only natural in colour. You just have to take a look at Inika's 16? Range of mineral-based shadows to realize just how possible it is to make so many brilliant colours using ingredients virtually direct from the source.

Why bother with a natural eyeshadows if your already happy with the colours you use now from a conventional product? Though most conventional products contain mineral pigments in them, it is usually a very little amount and is mixed with fillers, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients. Petroleum, tar, nylon, aluminium and mineral oil are just some of the nasties you can find in your high street eyeshadows. Some of these ingredients are carcinogenic and many can trigger allergic reactions.

Mineral-based and organic eyeshadows, like Inika, NVEY and Lavera, contain few ingredients that are much safer for the delicate, thin skin on your eyelid. In fact the zinc oxides in mineral eyeshadows are believed to actually nourish the skin which strongly supports the statement that mineral make up is so pure you can sleep in it!