The Government is planning to offer UK motorists £5,000 to incentivize them to buy an electric or hybrid car. A new plan has been formulated to create ‘electric car cities'. The Government has set aside £20 million to build a network of electric charging points and will start offering people money from 2011 to upgrade their vehicles for a more eco friendly version.

The aim of the new plan is to cut the significant levels of CO2 our cars emit whilst the monetary incentive makes electric vehicles a viable option. At the moment the average electric car costs £12,000 - quite a lot of money to invest into a technology many of us are still getting our head around.

Of course the new plan will only have a good effect if the electricity at the charging points comes from a renewable source not coal fired power stations. Also the money being offered would only be enough to help some of us buy an eco car but, given the way trends go, the more of us who see the benefits and ease of having something, the more others are likely to buy into that idea or product too.