Summer is all but here and it's time to get your skin in tip top, fit for outdoor viewing shape! To make your prep time a little more efficient we've put together a list of all the essential summertime products to keep you looking and feeling beautiful and comfortable.

For many of us our bodies haven't seen the light of day in months so it's a good idea to start with the wax, exfoliate, tan regime to get key areas like your legs and bikini line into spiffing shape. Moom is an excellent natural waxing treatment - easy, safe, and ultra effective. See our natural waxing blog for ways to keep your body naturally hairless longer. Natural fake tans - somewhat of an oxymoron but yes they do exist. The Lavera Sun Sensitive Self Tanning Lotion for the body is certified by BDIH and is vegan as is their Summer Glow Self Tan for the face. To prepare your body for tanning exfoliation is a must if you want to avoid streaks and blotchy spots. Delicious organic body scrubs like the Sensuous Sugar Scrub by Green People and face scrubs like the Gentle Facial Exfoliant with Organic Rosehip Oil by Trilogy are great. Exfoliating brushes and anti-cellulite lotions (like Madara's Anti-Cellulite Cream) and oils (like Weleda's Birch Oil) also do wonders for preparing the skin for tanning.

Of course don't forget the sunscreen to prevent skin damage and premature aging. Lavera, Green People and Essential Care make a range of brilliant SPF formulations for the body, face, lips and little ones. Chemical free mineral sunscreens and after sun lotion are the best thing short of a hat and covering up to protect you from intense rays this summer.

For holiday time, rather than lugging around full size cleansers, toners, moisturises etc it's a good idea to invest in travel size products. Most of the leading organic skincare ranges now make travel size or trial size versions allowing us to travel light but still equipped!

Other good travel items like face wipes, insect repellent and baby sun spray may also be a good idea if travelling with a family.