The organic health and beauty industry naturally (pardon the pun) contributes to the protection of our environment by virtue of safer, more eco conscious practices and standards. As consumers we also have the power to help create a more eco-savvy society by refining our beauty routine and choosing our products wisely.Here's a couple of tips to set you on your beautiful greeny way:

The obvious one from our point of view is to choose products with organic ingredients. Organic farming practices are less intensive on the land. Plus chemical free is better for you, better for the earth.

Use a little less of everything. I'm one to talk in this area. I adore how my cleanser leaves my skin - so clean particularly on a grimy day, say if I've been out for a night with more eye makeup on than usual or cycled in heavy traffic. I wash my face once in the morning and twice in the evening on these days. I figure it's ok every now and then especially if for general use you're not overly lavish.

Divide your cotton pads in half - that way you can cleanse your pores with four clean sides of material rather than two. Even better use a muslin cloth instead. Their washable so you can be reused many times.

All-in-one products are great. Lavera offer a 2 in 1 cleanser / eye makeup remover that is certified by BDIH. Trilogy have a moisturiser which is aptly titled Everything Balm and is great for all skin types including baby skin. It can be used as a massage oil, body moisturiser, lip balm and nail cuticle softener. Balm Balm is another multipurpose product that can be used all over the body (a famous songstress apparently uses it to shine her hair).