I'm about to embark on a 6-month odyssey down the Americas. With two other eco advocates we plan to work in and visit a number of sustainable communities and organic farms to enhance our understanding of what's best for the earth from the ground roots up from the cultures of the Americas.

Avoiding air travel where possible (CO2 emissions alert) we'll be travelling extremely light but we'll need all the tips and advice we can get to fit 6 months worth of luggage into our wee backpacks.

Doing a little wondering today I stumbled across this great little eco travel blog called One Bag, which was voted best blog in the Tripbase eco travel awards category.

One Bag is the perfect resource for all travellers who want to have minimum impact on the environment on their journeys. ‘Overpacking tops the list of biggest travel mistakes' says One Bag. Travelling light is an art and science, one of the best travel skill one can obtain. It can make for a much more relaxed, productive and stress-free experience the blog points out.

The site aims to help convert more people to expert one-bag traveller status. They do this by giving tips on what to pack, what to pack it in and how to pack it (wrinkles are avoidable even in a backpack). One good tip I noted which may be useful given me and my travel partners are covering two continents and 8 countries is to split our luggage up ie half my stuff and half my friends stuff in my bag in case one does get lost in transition.

One Bag also has a Travel Letters page with comments from people who have put its ideas into action (which will hopefully convince even the biggest luggage travellers to slim down.

If you're keen to hear updates of my eco experiences I'll be posting blogs of right here on the So Organic site from September onwards.