Travelling is a part of life. Everyday we walk out the front door of our comfy homes and embark on a journey of some kind or another; be it to take the kids to school, commute to work or visit our sister and her family across the Atlantic. Whatever the destination it involves changing your immediate environment. Pollution, pollen, wind, temperature change, altitude change (if you're flying or hiking Everest), is going to affect the way you look and feel which is why it's good to have a few handy tricks and tips tucked in your hand bag.

For those long haul flights facial wipes are a godsend mid flight to freshen skin that's feeling the effect of the moisture sucking air of the plane air circulation systems. Followed by a few sprays of toner can make you feel cleaner and more awake. Flying is also the best excuse to slather on the moisturiser. An intense, ultra-nourishing product like Energy Sensation by Lavere or Frankincense Hydrating Cream by Neal's Yard Remedies will help combat the extreme dry air of the plane.

It's all about the water baby. Keeping up your inner moisture levels will keep your organs hydrated - including your skin.

On the supplement front, Vitamin B3 is reportedly very good for jet lag. It has been proven to reduce the fog and sleepiness the brain feels after flying. Taking a dose a half hour before landing, on an empty stomach can help your body clock re-regulate itself faster.

Natural eye pillows or masks with calming materials like Lavender will increase the likelihood of getting a little sleep on your travels - be it train, plane or automobile.

Bentley's Organic Hand Sanitizer is another neatly sized product to carry with you, especially if you have kids or, like on long car rides, you're in and out of service station rooms.

Many organic brands (including So Organic) have travel size products that are ideal for long haul or short trips. Looking after your body, by whatever organic means is possible, whilst travelling will make you feel better when you do get to the destination, allowing you to enjoy it all the more.