Everyone dressing in emerald, lime and leafy shades of green? Maybe for some but not for us eco savvy lot. There's no need to feel guilty about having the wedding you've always dreamed because you can actually do it just as splendidly without suffocating our earth with a massive carbon footprint. Unlike Liz Hurley who emitted as much CO2 for her week long wedding as an average Indian couple would in 120 years of life together. But before you think ‘well that's just way over the top' try this on for size - the average British wedding emits the same amount of greenhouse gas as ten flights to Thailand and back.

So how to do it green style and still make it your celebration of a lifetime beautifully white? Well you could start by finding a local venue - that is not flying you and all your guests to a tropical island. If you have relatives and close friends scattered across the world you could make your wedding a road show type celebration. The flying miles will be far fewer with the two of you than say ten plus it could double as a honeymoon. According to the BBC's green site Bloom this could cut your footprint by up to 90%.

Source as much as you can from local suppliers especially the grub which will ensure your produce is seasonal also. The same goes with flowers - there are still a lot of florists who fly their flowers in from the other side of the world.

Email invites. It may not be appealing at first but if you do it right it is a unique way to receive a wedding invite. Graphic design friends come in handy here - they can make you something more beautiful, possibly animated without the tree wastage.

The wedding gear and rings are high on the eco agenda. How does vintage, heirloom or locally designed sound? New diamonds are for the most part a big no no as the impact to the natural ecology is astounding not to mention the carbon emissions associated with plucking that shiny rock from its million year old home.

There are loads of ways you can create a gorgeous eco wedding you've just got to get creative and do your research. A Green Guide to Weddings by Jen Marsden is a good resource book to start your search with. It may be worth investing in a wedding planner such as Eco Moon who specialise in green weddings.

Whatever you decide we how your big day is beautiful.