Asparagus is coming to the end for this year, so if you love it make something with it now. Gorgeous sweet new organic carrots are now in; why not try them out in my recipe for Organic Carrot and Coriander Soup? Fresh peas are a wonderfully sweet in healthy salads, and courgettes are a really versatile addition to your summer kitchen, use them in salads, roasted or grilled on the barbecue. Tomatoes are just at the start of their glorious summer season. If you’re growing your own they’re probably not ready yet, but when they are remember to eat them as soon as you can after picking them for the best flavour and don’t refrigerate them, it seems to spoil the texture. Make some Bruschetta if you need to use them up. Globe artichokes and new potatoes are around now too.

Yummy British strawberries are in season, but try to find some of the more interesting varieties such as Florence or Symphony rather than Elsanta which is grown for supermarkets demanding durability over flavour. Farmers markets or pick your own farms are your best bet if you’re looking for different varieties and you’ll be supporting a small local business if you shop there too. English cherries have a very short season from June to August, so grab them while you can, washed and eaten just as they are for the healthy option or combined with cream and chocolate in a gloriously gluttonous dessert if your conscience will let you! Gooseberries have a very short season, just from now until August so make something with them while you can. I have a small gooseberry bush at home that’s looking great, I hope I manage to use the fruits before the snails strip the poor thing bare as they have done every other year!