Every decision is an ethical/eco conscious one these days. It's tough sometimes but worth it given the long-term benefits to our planet and our families. Christmas trees are no exception. In the past it's been about taste - some like it perfectly plastic other like it pine-scented and potted; now it's about eco preference - which one is better for the environment? Here are a few pros and cons to help you make the decision.

Artificial Trees
* Alternative to asthmas and allergy sufferers
* Lasts many Christmases
* Generally cheaper as you can use them more than once
* Easy to maintain (no watering or sourcing soil and pots)
* No scent
* Full of petrochemicals, steel, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE) which are not biodegradable Massive carbon footprint with many trees made these day in China

Free Cut
* Fresh aroma of the outdoors, indoors
* Can be messy - getting into house and to dispose of
* Costly year in year out
* If you don't get to the tree man early you risk ending up with a bonky shaped tree which the kids could potentially give you a lot of grief for
* Makes for a friendlier, warmer, Family Ties feel to your home

An alternative to both? Buy a small tree. Pot it or plant it. Look after it. Watch it grow Christmas after Christmas until it gets too big for your living room and you have to take it to the country field where old Christmas trees are put to pasture to live out the rest of their green merry lives in glitter free paradise.