Every so often I like to ask the So Organic team what their favourite organic or eco friendly products are. We all have different tastes but we do like to know what each other is into, and why, in case we want to make it one of our new favourites. So when I asked Claire what her most beloved products on the shelf are at the moment she gave me something from three different shelves! Here's what they were:

Bathroom shelf: Lavera's Wild Rose spray deodorant. Claire swears by this. She says it works better than any of the other natural deodorants she's used, leaving her dry and still smelling sweetly at the end of the day. It doesn't leave horrible marks on her clothes, and of course there are no nasty chemical ingredients to seep into that vulnerable skin layer under the arms.

Study shelf: Remarkable stationary because it's pretty dam cooool to be able to use an old car tyre to write your grocery list with. ‘It's also good to know something is getting done with our juice cartons' which are infamously know as being difficult to recycle. ‘I've got cartons everywhere - if I could do it myself I would!'

Linen closet shelf: Organic cotton towels and sheets. They ‘just feel more real. They're softer and you can really, truly feel the difference.'