Many liquid and compact foundations make you look all ‘caked' up and can also clog your pores. People with skin problems like adult acne are often advised by doctors to stop using foundation as it can further irritate the already sensitive skin.But here lies the brilliant alternative - mineral foundation has actually been proven to improve skin. They allow the skin to breathe and contain no fillers or powders like talc so won't settle in fine lines or dry the skin out.

Mineral foundation respects the skin. It has excellent hypoallergenic credentials offers protection from the sun and, if you pick the right brand, contains none of the chemical ingredients traditional foundations have in them.

Two of the main ingredients in mineral foundation are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are both found in sunscreens for their UV blocking properties (this is what gives Inika mineral foundation a natural SPF of 20). The zinc also soothes the skin and is excellent for people who suffer from eczema and rosacea. Being oil free lasts throughout the day. In fact some converts don't even cleanse it off in the evening and wear it to bed as a treatment for the skin.

There is one trick to be had when applying mineral make up. You need the right brush. A soft, good quality Kabuki brush is ideal. To apply swirl the brush in the pot just allowing the tip to pick up the powder. Tap the hard end of the brush to allow the powder to drop evenly through the brush. Finally buff over face.

If you have particularly dry skin you may wish to use a Mineral Primer before your apply the foundation. This helps the foundation adhere better as well as offering the skin a little more moisture. If you have very oily skin use a Mineral Setting Powder after you have applied the foundation. This will help absorb any sheen, naturally soaking up your skin's excess oil. For people with large pores the Setting Powder also helps to reduce their appearance.

Besides foundation, you can also find other mineral make up with equally beneficial properties including eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers.