Hands up those with a sweet tooth... chances are if I could see through the computer screen most would have a hand (possibly two) waving in the air.

The average American eats approximately 28 teaspoons of sugar a day. We don't need anywhere near that amount. In fact, this much sugar can be a real killer.

Sugar is made up of one part glucose, one part fructose. It is the glucose molecule that our bodies use directly, whilst the fructose is converted to glycogen and stored in the liver for later use. When blood sugar drops glycogen is converted into glucose. The backup supply to the backup stores of glucose is body fat, which is always ready and waiting to be converted to glucose.

The pancreas releases insulin to clean up excess sugar and convert into fat for storage. The problem is when we eat too much sugar the fat reserved for emergency use never actually gets used up, instead it piles up.

Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke are all interlinked with sugar intake. Cancer cells have also been researched to thrive of glucose.

Of course, we do need sugar to help our brain cells, muscles and nerves function effectively and if we don't keep blood sugar at an adequate level fatigue and irritability can set in.

You don't have to give sugar up entirely if, like me, hearing the above is a bit too much to handle. Sugar cravings and mood swings can be avoided by eating it in with foods that are slow releasing and delay rapid assimilation. So a homemade flapjack made with oats, butter and golden syrup will have less an impact that a chocolate bar with the same amount of sugar.

You could always use it on the outside of your body instead. New to So Organic we have a gorgeous brown sugar scrub - the Moisturising Body Polish by Circaroma. Much tastier for the skin than it would be for your insides!