Often people shy away from body oils, saving them only for massage or the occasional pampering session but we’re on a mission to change all that and get everyone to love body oil as much as we do.

But aren't they’re expensive, greasy and messy to apply?
No, they're not!

Use our organic body oil top tips and you’ll enjoy using body oil every day, you’ll have non greasy super soft skin and your beauty budget will go further too.

Body lotions, the most popular product for moisturising skin are basically an emulsion of oil and water, plus fragrance, (truly natural brands only use essential oils for scent, rather than synthetic fragrance).

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Instead of applying body lotion to dry skin, if you apply body oil to wet skin and then massage it in, you are creating the emulsion effect yourself and you’ll only have to use a fraction of the amount of body lotion you would use to cover the same area, so it works out much cheaper.

Your skin will be hydrated by the water, moisturised & scented by the oil and beautifully soft. It will also benefit from a much greater concentration of the active ingredients and antioxidants being delivered straight into the skin.

You do need to wait a couple of minutes for your skin to dry and the oil to absorb before you get dressed but use this time to brush your teeth and apply your facial products and deodorant then it takes no longer than using body lotion.

Try out our advice and see if you could make the switch.
We’d love to hear how it works for you.