At So Organic we are always on the look out for new and innovative organic and all natural body care products. From organic cotton tampons to moon cups, we look for natural personal hygiene products that are chemical free, safe and that work. We've recently discovered that one of the best new lubricants on the market is in fact organic.

Yes products are a revolution as far as intimate lubricants go. They are high performance, premium lubricants certified by the Soil Association. They contain no parabens, glycerine, glycols, hormones, silicones and petroleum products often found in traditional lubricants like KY Jelly, Durex Play and Replens. (Glycerine found is in nearly all big brands and can cause thrush as well as irritate and dehydrate the skin. Glycols help pull other chemicals through the skin into the blood stream).

Has powerful moisture retentive properties and is bio-adhesive to mucus membranes (inner skin environment). There are two types. Water based and oil based. The water-based version is scent and taste free. It is made from aloe vera, flax extract (beneficial for the mucous membranes), and plant based gums guar, locust bean and xanthan (to provide the deep velvety texture).

The oil-based version is hypoallergenic and good for water play. It contains cocoa butter and shea butter, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil, organic bees wax and vitamin E to provide an extra sensuous feeling as well as having a skin-nourishing effect.

Not everyone feels the need to use a lubricant but for some it's essential in order to enjoy sex. Others use it to warm up or enhance pleasure. You just have to take one look at the feedback from those that have used Yes products to get an idea of how amazing this product is.

‘You're lube is the best thing that ever happened to my post hysterectomy sex life.'

‘I've never tried anything like this... I trust people who are concerned about chemicals. I have had breast cancer for 15 years, and I believe I have had better health throughout it by avoiding toxic chemicals and sticking with natural products.'

‘By using your water-based daily for five or six weeks now, I can report a distinct increase in the plumpness and moistness of my labia and vagina. I am as surprised as I am delighted - I didn't know this was possible, but the difference is impressive. Not just a lubricant - more a rejuvenator!'